Andrew Lazarus' Investment Breakthrough

Andrew Lazarus has a decent career as an experienced hotelier.

He has established global networks through which he has built a non-comparable professional profile.

Lazarus has become famous through acquiring businesses and serving the hospitality industry.

Among the latest career achievements, he has posted is procuring the Beach Hotel Merewether.

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It ranks among the most luxurious within Newcastle. The acquisition was a major breakthrough for one of the most respected hoteliers.

Speaking to the media, Lazarus noted that acquiring the pub was a priority, he was not ready to give up the fight as he focused on achieving his objectives.

Andrew Lazarus also disclosed that owning the club has been one of his family’s dreams for many years. His family has served the hospitality industry diligently for more than two decades.

They have gained unparalleled experience that makes them among the most successful in the industry.

The family boasts of the ownership of the Eastern Hotels Group that has multiple valuable assets within the region which include Shoal Bay Country Club, The Vauxhall Inn, and the Exchange Hotel, to mention a few.

Lazarus has several executive responsibilities, including serving as the Director of the Easter Hotels Group.

His contribution to the organization has posted remarkable results.

The Beach Hotel appreciates his input as he oversees daily operations.

It has made it to the top by working with other reputable agencies.

Experts such as Knight Frank and Deane Moore have posted encouraging results as the chief marketers to the institution.

Many people describe it as the ultimate destination for the locals and international guests.

Among the factors that make The Beach Hotel a valuable asset is its location; the neighboring iconic beaches.

It has hosted dozens of guests that appreciate the charming environment since its onset.

The family is happy to serve the community more intimately through the new acquisition.

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