Antigua And Barbuda MP Asot Michael Commends The Prime Minister, Urges Members To Unite In The Fight Against Covid-19

As countries across the world continue to put measures in their effort to contain the deadly coronavirus, Antigua and Barbuda is also joining them to control the pandemic. The country’s legislation arm is doing all it can to show that it puts ahead the lives of the millions of those who elected them. Perhaps, there is better way the House of Representatives would do this than during the deliberations of this year’s budget. Asot Michael, one of the members of parliament that was present during one of the days set aside for the deliberation of the proposed budget, gave his views. When his chance to speak before the house came, Asot Michael, the MP said, “Mr. Speaker sir, it’s a great honor to speak my mind before the floor of the house. 


With your permission, allow me to thank the country’s PM for his efforts that he has shown everyone that he puts the lives of our people first. The Prime Minister has shown beyond reasonable doubt that he wants this country to move forward and the best thing this honorable house can do is to give its full support.” Asot Michael went ahead to thank the contribution of fellow members of parliament and thanked the hardworking citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. On the 2021 proposed budget, Asot Michael said that the year’s theme was well thought when he said, “In order for any nation to grow, there are pillars that its leaders should invest in. 

Health, education and the restoration of a country’s economy are among the pillars that each government should always put in front and I’m glad this year’s theme for the budget has circled on those pillars.” Asot Michael also mentioned the country’s Labor Party has for many years fought for justice. They also advocate for rule of law, democracy and equality among other values. Asot Michael mentioned that he will continue to fight even harder to achieve what his parents, who were members of the Labor Party, fought for but were not able to achieve during their time. Asot Michael believes that any leader irrespective of the political party should at least remember that he or she is elected to serve the people.