Australia Investing Waste Management under Vik Bansal Leadership

Waste is a challenge around the world, with Asia-Pacific being the largest contributor of solid waste to the world’s landfills. Waste management comprises the processes, equipment and techniques used to recycle, recover and reuse waste.

Under Vik Bansal, Cleanaway has been working closely with governments, businesses and citizens to come up with solutions that are inclusive and sustainable, leading to waste reduction and reducing the impact of our planet. Waste-disposal facilities across the world include residential collection systems, commercial and retail collection systems, industrial waste recycling plants, and ancillary processes.

A sustainable development does not just benefit people, but also the planet and that is where Cleanaway is working to change things around. India recently had its economic reforms. Their mission is to “establish a network of recyclers in Australia with operations that will turn 1 million tonnes of waste per year.

As the world urbanizes, the world’s population will grow with an expected increase in disposable income. The development of technologies has made traditional solutions to dealing with this population influx more affordable and accessible. The electronic waste recycling and the water recycling in particular is an area that has seen significant investments by companies that wish to improve the environment in a sustainable way.

Australia has been a leader in this field, and this week, three of Australia’s big IT companies, Microsoft, HP and Dell, agreed to jointly invest $10 million in the recycling industry and help advance technologies in areas such as water and waste management, energy and the development of new innovations that can reduce environmental impacts.

According to the government, an estimated 25% of the earth’s population generates 50% of the waste, in waste that can be sorted and reused. That’s an insane amount of waste. The True Cost will be a series of initiatives where taxpayers will have the opportunity to see their contributions to waste management.

Vik Bansal spearheads Cleanaway to help make the development process impactful and scalable and help accelerate the pace of development. All of this is essential in helping to solve the waste management.

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