The Total Package: How Beachbody Delivers Everything You Need for Good Health

BeachbodyHow did Beachbody, the Santa Monica-based company Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon founded in 1998, become a global fitness phenomenon? One main reason for its success is that it offers a complete health and fitness bundle.

The company has a vast catalogue of digital workout programs. It employs expert coaches to work with customers. And, within its huge community support network, members can share stories, ideas, and motivating messages.

This brand focuses on nutrition as well. It supplies meal plans and food preparation tips. Plus, it sells supplements like its Shakeology shakes, which are both filling and energizing. Shakeology products can curb junk food cravings, and each shake flavor is delicious in its own right.

In fact, no other company provides such a comprehensive set of tools and methods for at-home fitness. Since its first day in business, this brand has been one of a kind.

This unique and well-rounded company reflects its unique and well-rounded cofounder. For sure, Carl Daikeler has many interests and talents. In addition to his fitness entrepreneurship, this 1986 Ithaca College grad is a Broadway producer, a prolific philanthropist, and a father of two.

Moreover, just as Carl Daikeler never rests on his laurels, his brand keeps moving forward. For example, it’s continually adding exercise videos. That way, its customers — no matter their fitness level — can always enjoy new workouts, and their routines stay fresh and exciting.


Likewise, this company skillfully adapts to changing technologies. When social media emerged as a major force in society, Beachbody put those platforms to good use. Its Instagram page, for instance, has more than a million followers, and it’s full of wellness information and inspiring thoughts. And, these days, the company is investing heavily in its streaming future.

However technology changes from here on out, Beachbody will keep doing what it’s always done. It’ll give its customers the keys to a healthy body, a happy mind, and a vibrant spirit.