Bhanu Choudhrie Elaborates on His Investment Philosophy

Bhanu Choudhrie has had numerous wins throughout his business career, which has elevated him to one of the most respectable British-Indian entrepreneurs today. In 2004, he made a seed investment in the travel booking site Ebookers which paid off handsomely when the company went public on the NASDAQ and LSE.

In 2007, his airline, Air Deccan, which he had purchased some years earlier at a throw-away price, reached a $500 million market capitalization before Kingfisher acquired it. Seven years later, Bhanu sold his almond farm in California for $43 million after owning it for barely four years. During a recent interview, this Alpha Aviation Group founder elaborated on his investment philosophy.

Conduct comprehensive due diligence

Bhanu Choudhrie noted that the first step towards making a bad investment is failure to undertake systematic due diligence. This is because a business opportunity that seems lucrative can have many pitfalls beneath that can make it nearly impossible to make a return on your investment.

Thus, if you don’t conduct comprehensive due diligence, you will fall victim to many such investment opportunities and put yourself at risk of losing your wealth. Bhanu Choudhrie explained that by conducting in-depth research on a business opportunity, he is able to easily tell whether it’s a worthwhile undertaking or not before he gets into it.


The Alpha Aviation Group founder stated that teamwork is a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurial success. He pointed out that it was almost impossible for a business leader to unlock their full potential without teamwork. He added that having a bad team can be even more detrimental than not having one.

Bhanu Choudhrie mentioned that this is why he takes time to pick out the best management team to work with on each of his undertakings. He clarified that having an excellent team to undertake a project with significantly increased his odds for success.

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