Caribou: The Fleet Management Platform for Automotive

Caribou Caribou is a revolutionary enterprise mobility platform that helps companies manage their fleet of drivers and private cars. All vehicles are connected to the mobile app, allowing real-time tracking, automatic mileage recording, and instant communication between passengers and drivers. The platform also provides car manufacturers with an open integration framework called Caribou Open SDK, making it easy for developers to incorporate the software into new in-car entertainment, navigation, and telematics systems.

It was founded by Paul Downey and Tim Orchard in 2014. After realizing that their car club membership site wasn’t sustainable, they decided to solve a more global problem of managing car hire businesses without expensive hardware. The idea was to create software that can fit into any car.

It has developed an API open integration framework for the automotive industry. This allows third-party developers to add their own apps and services, allowing users to use their personal service provider in their car if they wish. The Caribou Open SDK also provides tools and documentation for mobile app developers to add a range of new features related to the car.

It now powers in-car services for more than 4,500 drivers and 500 businesses all over the UK. The company has offices in London, Manchester, Bristol, and Hong Kong. It is backed by venture capital firm Forward Partners with investments from several angel investors as well.

It is constantly expanding its services and looking for new partners. It aims to become the leading mobility platform in Europe. It has recently launched a new product called GoDirect, making it possible for delivery drivers to work without an intermediary, track customers, and increase their income. At the same time, employers benefit from cost savings. It’s vision is to empower its users to make their own decisions about working and help them get rid of third-party intermediaries.

It aims to enable people, organizations, and car manufacturers worldwide with a complete software suite that will seamlessly integrate into any car. Caribou’s mission is to make it easy for everyone.

Caribou’s services include:

  • Tracking and management of fleets of private cars, self-employed drivers or delivery drivers
  • In-car entertainment system with Spotify integration built into the native car software
  • GPS navigation with real-time congestion alerts
  • Automatic mileage recording for tax purposes or business expenses
  • Telematics data collected from the car diagnostics system and used for third party services such as servicing, roadworthiness, and safety reports
  • Car hire management software to help rental companies build their customer profiles, improve customer service and bookings process


It also offers the Caribou Open SDK, which provides open integration framework with a range of new features to developers. This allows third-party developers to add their own apps and services and build them into existing in-car entertainment, navigation, and telematics systems.