Miki Agrawal's Bidet Business

Miki Agrawal, the entrepreneur behind the menstrual underwear line Thinx, has recently started a bidet business. The company is called Hello Tushy. The goal is to spread the popularity of bidets in the United States. She says she switched to using a bidet in 2014 after developing a thyroid condition […]

Jack Mason

Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO, has brought businesses together by creating ways for marketing, strategy, collaboration, and business operations function. Mason has worked a great many businesses helping them become more interwoven and connected while helping businesses grow simultaneously. By bringing other businesses into the group, Mason has helped […]

Hauser Insurance on tax Liability insurance

Hauser Insurance appears as the leading industry, offering insights into their role in tax liability insurance in most business transactions. Business needs proper navigation in all the issues around tax exposures and all tax indemnities. These transactions require much diligence and are intensive in the most numerous fonts, making the […]