The Life of Gary McGaghey

Gary might be one of the most successful CFOs there is but he does not take any of it for granted. So just how did he manage to have so much success in a career that spans more than 35 years? Well, it all began when he was first born […]

How Haroldo Jacobovicz Runs his Businesses

Horizons Telecom is not your ordinary telecommunication organization. For many years, Horizons Telecom has brought a revolution in the Brazilian telecommunication section. As a modern organization that wants to retain its success in the competitive technology section, this institution has been using fiber network.   View this post on Instagram […]

John Ritenour Company, Insurance Office of America Offering a Variety of Insurance Covers

John Ritenour Insurance Office of America can easily collect all the personal and commercial insurance customers’ needs from one place. Some IOA commercial insurance includes business interruption insurance, which protects companies from closure due to fire, hurricanes, or violence. Professional indemnity insurance (also known as omissions insurance) covers commercial real […]