Dave Antrobus, Founder Of Fresh Thinking Group, Explains The Significance Of Improved Tech To Business Growth

Dave AtrobusThe outbreak of the Covid pandemic led to a fluctuation in the economy, but this is not an excuse for companies to continue lagging. Research shows that most firms that thrive regardless of the harsh times invested in new and advanced technology. For instance, those who had adopted remote working did not find navigating into the changes brought about by the pandemic difficult. The new and advanced technology made it easier for companies to counter the effects of the Coronavirus. This tries to explain the need to embrace innovation.

Several leaders have tried to explain the importance of investing in new technology and being more innovative. Dave Antrobus, a tech director and founder at Fresh Thinking Group, is one leader who redefines new technology and its business approaches.

Dave Antrobus is highly skilled in technology matters and knowledgeable, a factor contributing to the Growth of Fresh Thinking Group. He explains that technology has had a significant impact on employment. New and advanced technology has helped streamline operations and company processes and eradicated several workers’ needs. Dave Antrobus advises younger entrepreneurs to invest in new technology if they want their startups to rise faster.

However, the founder of Fresh Thinking Group adds that people complain of losing jobs due to the emergence of new technology like robotics and artificial intelligence. The move is beneficial in company growth because it saves expenses incurred by hiring more workers.

Dave Antrobus Fresh Thinking Group highly recommends robotics because of its benefits which are reducing labor and improving efficiency. This has helped improve the market economy to 41% because of the advanced automation.

With the adoption of this new technology, businesses can grow a notch higher. A survey done shows that firms can meet the expectations of their customers. Remote working has also helped improve workers’ health because it keeps them safe from contracting the deadly Coronavirus disease.