Did ClassDojo build one of the most efficient classroom apps?

In the article “How ClassDojo built one of the most popular classroom apps by listening to teachers”, Kathleen Chaykowski, the author, writes how effective this app is for teachers and parents who want to connect with their children. It is a great communication app where you can find out whether a student will be out sick, check parent messages, add points to students’ avatars, and many other features.

ClassDojo has made its way into 180 countries and has translated into 35 different languages. About 90% of US teachers have gravitated towards using this app since it is molded by them and can constantly provide feedback to create a more successful approach in class.

Although ClassDojo is free, the company plans on targeting parents to advocate learning outside of the classroom. Paid subscription would be more aimed towards parents who want a better education for their kids but are not able to put them in private schools. It would be a great supportive resource to have at home. Though this concept is not fully developed, it is something the company is looking towards.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, co-founders of ClassDojo, took some time to meet with hundreds of teachers to understand their needs to support students’ growth through spirited communication and at the same time constructing a community working together.

Muhammad Chaudhry mentioned gaming approaches increased students’ positivity, self-control, engagement, and reduced behavioral issues. ClassDojo faces a few competitors but manages to stay afloat through research education instructional methods plus consulting teachers.

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