Eterneva’s Resolution to Ease Individual's Grieving Process

Eterneva’s accomplishments have significantly shown how a physical object associated with a deceased person can ease a grieving process. Garrett Ozar and Adelle Archer are Eterneva founders, Adelle being the CEO of the company. Usually, it becomes a challenge for one to get comfort after losing a loved one. Archer experienced a similar situation after losing her mentor, Tracey. In collaboration with Garrett Ozar, they thought of a meaningful way to handle the grieving process for her friend and find a reconnection.

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Archer found the pet’s or people’s cremated ashes can be converted into diamonds for memorial purposes and ease the grieving process. It is the most recent death-care industry with a vision to deliver ultimate care to the deceased persons and ease the loved one’s grief journey. For instance, converting Tracey’s ashes into a black diamond ring and Archer’s grandmother’s ashes into a yellow diamond necklace helped Archer ease her grieving process.

Eterneva has a remarkable diamond growth process. It all starts by making a packaging order necessary for sending a loved one’s ashes to the company. It also includes the necessary tools and video files, and instructions on carrying out the entire process. Upon reaching the company, the ash purification process commences. The purification process involves the elimination of impurities to acquire pure carbon. It takes several weeks to get pure carbon graphite powder.

The company owns several diamond growth facilities in Germany, Austin, and Texas. The resultant graphite carbon powder is the raw material for diamond growth. The machine’s intense pressures of 850,000psi and temperatures of 2,500oC convert the ash carbon into a raw diamond. The variation in heat and pressures results in a distinctive diamond suitable for customers’ preferences.

The raw diamond quality assessment process ensures the customer’s loved one’s diamond is up to the standard. The company has cutters with almost 45 years of experience. The cutting determines the diamond’s sparkle and quality to ensure customer’s total satisfaction. The integration of high-energy particles with natural elements like boron or nitrogen results in various diamond colorations, after which the product is ready for the customer.

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