Gen Z don’t fumble the bag, use Zilch

Gen Z is the generation that is all about staying ahead, securing the bag, and saving money.

There are different ways you can save money and that includes making time for yourself, mastering something new, making your passion your side hustle, and money organization with Zilch.

When it comes to making time for yourself, what relaxes or stimulates you and does it take your money? These are the moments in time where you can do jam sessions with yourself, cook your favorite recipes or learn new ones, watch throwback movies or walk outside for fresh air.

Master something new that helps you gain extra money in the long run and you can save with free courses. You can update your skills by using YouTube, LinkedIn, or attend seminars and workshops via Eventbrite or Facebook.

Your passion is your side hustle. This is where you sell various items or services to people in your community or abroad. Make money by creating greeting cards to sell to friends and family, sell takeout boxes of food, sell decadent desserts for special occasions or have your own cleaning business. There is no guarantee you will be super successful right off the bat or at all.

You were born in the digital era. You pay your bills with your phones, you do online school, you get on YouTube and you shop online. This is where Zilch comes in. This is where you buy now pay later. Your first payment at checkout is a certain percentage, the next percentage is your second payment after two weeks, the third percentage is your third payment after 4 weeks, and your final payment is after 6 weeks. This helps you with budgeting and managing your money.

Buy now pay later with Zilch.