Greg Blatt Reflecting On His Journey In The Workforce, The Company’s Success, And Advice For Other Executives

Greg Blatt came up the ranks by understanding and adapting to the latest technology trends, like social media. However, rather than embracing the medium, he was suspicious of them at first. That said, Blatt found that rather than a barrier to entry, social media helped consumers in various ways.

At IAC, he had worked for various platforms such as MeetMe and Aviato and was part of the team that launched Tinder, a dating app that offered a location-based service. One of the most notable and successful features of Tinder, by far, was that users could swipe right or left on a user’s profile. Although the app’s mechanics were not always user-friendly, IAC soon realized that this feature was the key to achieving success.

Speaking to the National Law Journal in 2017, Blatt set out his vision for IAC to be best exemplified by his role as CEO, a position he was granted in 2015. Blatt has highlighted three pivotal purposes for the position, describing them as “adding value, growing revenue, and building a culture.”

Blatt first entered the tech industry in the early 2000s and has served as President and COO at several online media ventures, including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Bebo. Notably, Blatt was responsible for both of those companies’ epic debacles. When the Bebo debacle played out on television, the company had to be bailed out by Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP. “Blatt was responsible for a string of costly blunders, most notably the ill-advised acquisition of Bebo, an online social network. Two years after Bebo’s acquisition, the company filed for bankruptcy in May 2011 and eventually emerged from Chapter 11 on July 19, 2012.”

Greg Blatt was appointed as IAC’s COO in the mid-2000s and subsequently promoted to CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and co-president, while serving as CEO for Barry Diller’s business interests, including Living Social, Angie’s List, and countless others. He was most recently appointed Chairman of Vimeo.

In 2011, Greg Blatt was a finalist for America’s highest-paid CEO. IAC’s stock surged an astounding 400% during this period, doubling his $5.2 billion base salary. Refer to this article for additional information.


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