Hauser Insurance on Cyber Risk for Businesses

Hauser Insurance Wants To Know If You Are Practicing Cyber Hygiene

Experts have warned us for some time that things like the pandemic were going to happen. Though we never seemed to take the experts seriously enough, and the pandemic left a lot of us scrambling. Now that things are returning to their new normal, it is time to reflect on what went wrong and how to prepare for the future, especially in terms of cyberattacks.

According to Hauser Insurance, 2020 created the perfect scene for cyber attackers to act. The reason being that businesses quickly pivoted to remote work, and schools switched to remote learning. The switch to personal devices and residential networks that are not secured leaves the field wide open for cyber attacks. Also, businesses that could still do business had to change their approach quickly. Everything went cashless, and people were ordering online for delivery or curbside pickup. It is a cyber criminal’s dream. Ransomware attacks rose 40 percent worldwide in 2020, and Hauser Insurance reveals that the United States suffered the most.

So, now that we are welcoming the new normal in 2021 are things going to be different? Offices may welcome back their employees, but remote working is here to stay. The digitalization of the world will continue to forge ahead. It will provide a large playground for cybercriminals to play on; companies need to change their behavior and practice cyber hygiene. Companies can adopt simple practices as regular password changes. Educating their work from staff members on phishing and scam tactics will fare well in the cyberworld. Cyber risk can no longer sit on a company’s back burner. Companies need to develop a plan that prepares and protects them from such an attack.

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