How Alejandro Betancourt Lopez upgraded Hawkers

When it comes to sunglasses, Spanish company Hawkers is one of the most successful brands. However, the company actually developed from an online platform for second-hand items known as Saldum. Saldum was started by two brothers, Alejandro and David Moreno, with the help of two friends Iñaki Soriano and Pablo Lozano. Pablo Lozano visited the United States and returned with sunglasses from a brand known as Knockaround. The sunglasses had a good resale value, and they invested in 27 pairs, which quickly made a profit when sold online.

The venture became successful and after six months, Knockaround selected them as the official distributor in Spain. However, they were eager to set up their own brand with better features and a reasonable price. Launching as Hawkers, they came up with an idea to rival luxury brands like Gucci but with more affordable eyewear that went for around $20 -$40 per pair. The strategy worked for them as they succeeded in selling entirely online.

And with the increased success also came many challenges, as the operating costs became too much for the company. And this where entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stepped in to help. The South American is a successful business owner who holds a business administration and economics degree from Suffolk University in Boston. He has been the leader in many companies in Latin America and Africa, especially in the oil industry. He is also the founder of O’Hara Administration, an investment and asset management company.

Seeing the Hawkers’ potential, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez brokered a deal with a group of O’Hara Administration investors to inject capital worth $56 million to Hawkers. He then took charge of Hawkers’ administration and made changes to its leadership and marketing, especially boosting its online presence. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also organized partnerships with similar brands, which enhanced Hawkers’ visibility. Celebrities like Nicki Romero and Dani Alves began to endorse the Hawkers sunglasses. Within a few months of his leadership, Hawkers grew to a $70 million brand moving around 10,000 units in a day.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez later became President of Hawkers in 2018 after acquiring more than 50% of its capital value. He also started a partnership with superstar Leo Messi to develop the latter’s line of Hawkers sunglasses. Go Here for related Information.