James Gutierrez Works to Improve Low-Income Banking Limitations

James Gutierrez Wants To Fix A Broken System

The pandemic has pushed most of us to the ends of our ropes. However, what COVID has brought to our attention is that the wealth gap in America is that there is a vast gap between those who are rich and those who are poor. James Gutierrez has made it his career to bring the wealth gap to a close.

Many leaders are tired of waiting for the government to fix this problem. Leaders, such as James Gutierrez, believe that there is a better approach to take. They believe that taking a middle-up approach would work the best. This means that companies can work to improve the lives of lower-income families and move them to more stable conditions and they can lobby the government to make permanent changes. It is actually more expensive to be poor. Car loans, credit cards, and other financial needs come with a large price tag. If you do not have a solid credit history, it costs you more to get a car loan or any loan. If you are even to get a credit card, your credit history, the interest rates are too high. Gutierrez, through his businesses, could beat the system. Through the process of innovative technology, the companies can provide people with credit scores. Good credit scores are the first step to financial security.

History has proven that hardships hit minority communities the hardest. Though white and black families go through hardships, it is the recovery that is not equal. While white communities find the road to recovery, black families continue to have losses. COVID-19 is another example. As whites returned to work, blacks continued to lose jobs. Instead of watching things get worse, it is time for responsible companies to act.