Jason Hopes: The Implementation of IoT and Its Transformative Changes On The Environment

Jason Hope strongly believes that the best way to resolve and protect the world’s natural habitat hit by climate change is by employing technology and the Internet of Things. For the events that occur because of climate change and those with a human cause, capturing data and tracking changes is key to learning how such events can be mitigated. Jason Hope reiterates that the Internet of things is uniquely positioned to help collect and pass data required to manage disasters and ultimately save the environment. 


Jason Hope on Climate Change

He acknowledges that there’s over 10 billion Internet of things equipped devices globally, and this number is growing by the day. Jason even foresees that by 2025 this number is expected to rise to 28 billion devices. He admits that if such devices are effectively used in collecting data among other protective initiatives, disasters like Amazon fires can be averted. Among the top technological advances Jason Hope is aware of and explains to the world is the Instant Detect 2.0, a monitoring system designed to help in tracking human and wildlife activities. The deployment of satellite-based Instant Detect is effective in deterring poachers and protecting the species facing extinction.

Jason Hope also reiterates that Instant Detect 2.0 employs robust radio transmission technology and camouflaged cameras, making it possible to monitor even the most heavily forested land. The data collected can be used in detecting unusual animal behavior like adverse events in the environment. The other notable technological advancement is the Rainforest Connection (RFCx), an early warning system designed to manage the destruction of rainforest. Jason Hope points out that the system can listen for activities that don’t belong to rainforest environments like chainsaws. By using solar power, the system will always remain up and running, and real-time reporting ensures that authorities can quickly attend to unauthorized activities.