John Ritenour Company, Insurance Office of America Offering a Variety of Insurance Covers

John Ritenour Insurance Office of America can easily collect all the personal and commercial insurance customers’ needs from one place. Some IOA commercial insurance includes business interruption insurance, which protects companies from closure due to fire, hurricanes, or violence. Professional indemnity insurance (also known as omissions insurance) covers commercial real estate insurance to prevent losses due to employee misconduct and cyber liability insurance.

This protects your company building and hackers, malware, and other networks to avoid losses of damage from crime. These are a small part of the scope of more than a dozen or more businesses provided by the IOA. The Insurance Office of America has provided dozens of different types of insurance from the beginning. The insurance policies that consumers can purchase include vehicle insurance, individual insurance, worker’s compensation, business liability insurance, and property insurance.

Some industries have particular insurance necessities. John Ritenour IOA has insurance policies in more than a dozen sectors, including agriculture, aviation, construction, and horsemanship. Most companies, except for Texas companies, are required to pay employee compensation. Employee compensation insurance can protect businesses and their employees from injuries in the workplace.

This insurance caters to the medical expenses and salary losses of injured workers who have waived their right to claim compensation from the company. As with other legal liability insurance, there is mandatory insurance and supplemental insurance. Worker’s compensation and professional liability are only two of the commercial liability insurance provided by the IOA.

In addition, the company may give any enterprise employer liability insurance (sometimes called “stop-gap” insurance), employment behavior liability insurance (to prevent the company from being discriminated against in employment), and trust liability insurance (for ancillary purposes). On the other hand, product liability insurance helps protect manufacturing companies from losses due to litigation for product defects. Insurance Office of America under John Ritenour has provided all the necessary covers to cater to various clients in different industries.

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