Josh Garza

Is a Bonham Disciple that Carved His Path.

Josh Garza is not your typical drummer.

He is the youngest son of John Bonham, the son of his father’s best friend, and considered one of the most influential drummers in history.

Josh Garza was born during a difficult time for Led Zeppelin as Plant was in rehab and died from an overdose soon after.

Garza spent most of his career balancing both challenging jobs as a drummer and entrepreneur.

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He’s also a family man with two young children whom he cares for, which makes it even more impressive that he is a top-notch performer.

 What did you learn from your father?

It is challenging to reach the level and standard that my father had.

You see many great players, but not the same as the masters like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, or Buddy Parker.

I was lucky to have seen films of Keith Moon and John Bonham in concert.

It was very inspiring to witness my dad’s talent and realize how advanced drumming had become.

He was a hard-nosed blues player that guided me in learning to be a part of the band rather than at the back of it.

He never took us for granted but gave us every opportunity he could.

Seeing him support his three sons as much as he did was great.

 How did you get involved with Led Zeppelin?

It seemed like I always had some drumming gig with various bands.

When I was about ten years old, my father started using my talents professionally after hearing Led Zeppelin on the radio one day and how they were using incredible sticks from R.G. Keen.

He vowed to build a relationship with the company’s owner Reg Keen and thus began our entire family’s love affair with his drumsticks.

I was also blessed to have Ray Colclough as a teacher who pushed me and nurtured my talents.

 With your unique upbringing, did you ever feel like you were in Led Zeppelin?

It was very surreal when I was younger.

My father had the forum of talking about his adventures with my older brother Jason and me, but at times it didn’t make sense because we weren’t there in person to experience it like everyone else.

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