Kevin Seawright: What You Should Know Before Buying a Home for the First Time

If it is the first time you purchase a home, it is crucial to know how to get the right one. The next thing to do after finding your preferred home is looking for the right lender and the process of getting a mortgage. The home you choose needs to be within your budget and have your preferred comfort. Below are some tips provided by Kevin Seawright on finding the best house and mortgage to purchase:

Lenders’ Requirements for Loan Approval

Kevin Seawright notes that homebuyers should understand that lenders check out different things before determining the loan to give you. Various lenders require different qualifications for them to grant loans to their customers.

Before getting any mortgage, the lending company will compare your income versus your total debts, your current debts, how you paid any previous debts, and the period of employment if you are in one. According to Kevin, it is advisable to ask the lenders to suggest how to increase your credit scores to get better rates.

Getting a Reliable Real Estate Broker

It would be best if you interviewed several brokers before selecting one to work with. Ensure to get references from the agent’s clients. When checking the online reviews, check their motives because people tend to submit negative reviews more than good ones.

Also, please find out the number of buyers that the agent you want to contract represents each year before hiring them. The best broker is the one who sells more than ten homes every year.

Take It Easy

According to Kevin Seawright, prepare adequately for the home before you buy it. Before setting foot to find your desired home, be sure of what you want. Spend enough time viewing different houses before choosing the one you love most. That will help you have an easier search because your mind will have what you need. Source: