Kfir Gavrieli: A Businessman With Humanitarian Heart

Tiek’s CEO and founder Kfir Gavrieli is one good example of how the able should uplift society. Tiek is an unconventional international online fashion retailer that deals with producing and selling quality and comfortable women’s shoe wear. The fashion retailer interacts and makes sales directly with their customers.

This approach has garnered Tieks worldwide success and other achievements, such as its enlistment in Forbes list of top most innovative consumer brands. Moreover, he was one of the many-featured Inc. magazines successful 30 men under 30 years old.

Kfir Gavrieli, or as many may know him as a community hero, is a charitable individual. After learning of masks shortages in healthcare centers and their dangers to workers, he decided to use his social media platform to help address the problem.

He led and mobilized his Tieks team, admirers, and customers to donate personal protection equipment, PPE constituting sewn facemasks. Over a million masks and Tieks and gift cards were and donated throughout the country to medical workers. This campaign is still ongoing, and it helps in showing that people acknowledge their sacrifices and efforts.

In addition to campaigning to help medical workers and other professionals, he has also started a charitable organization known as Gavrieli Foundation. It seeks to empower women at community levels by investing in them. Besides this, the foundation teamed up with KIVA, another online microloan firm that has its lender. To date, the foundation has carved a well-curated portfolio and reputation as KIVA’s largest lender.

It has facilitated over ten million US dollars to women entrepreneurs with potential in the whole world. Indeed, Tieks is always looking to impact society positively; thus, it uses KIVA to realize this. With his selfless acts as an example to everyone, he stresses helping each other in society. Refer to this article for additional information.


Find more information about Gavrieli on https://www.pronouncekiwi.com/Kfir%20Gavrieli