Kip Lewis of Austin Shares What Businesses Can Learn From 2020

Kip Lewis, the owner of Lewis Investments, in Austin, began in 19912 and created an empire in real estate. This mogul of the real estate world has much to teach others in the business. Here are some things he had to share about 2020 in business from Round Rock.


The first thing to understand is the demand for flexibility. It’s that adaptability that made him what he is. His example of this was how everyone had to adapt for 2020. You either adapted or went bankrupt. Always prepare for the unexpected. That’s some solid advice.


There has been a switch of focus to online. Your online presence is essential. Maintain contact with your client and learn any technology needed for those communications. There are new forms of communication now. Be prepared and up to date.


You must also care for your employees well-being. If you forget to be there for them in the day-to-day operations, then you will lose the very arms of your business. When you are there for them, they will, in turn, be there for you.


Communication is important too. You must be able to stay in touch with them for business management plans. Create plans ahead of time as well so you can handle whatever the future throws at you. This leads to his last point.


Have multiple revenue streams. You’ve probably heard this before, but it is true. The people that had plans B and C survived and thrived. Those who didn’t went under. Some ended up homeless. Don’t become a statistic. Have many streams ready to go.


Kip Lewis of Austin, Texas has historically been on projects that restore buildings and homes that would otherwise become demolished. His passion for historic preservation is the heart of what he does. His success in that line of work shows how resilient he is.


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