Kuwaiti European Holding Group Investments

Kuwaiti European Holding has created a new benchmark in the Middle East by becoming the first Middle Eastern company to list on a stock exchange on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Group is a major investor in the world’s leading financial markets, which includes banking, property development, venture capital, infrastructure development and executive recruitment. Kuwaiti European Holding also excels at commercial real estate, hospitality, insurance, infrastructure development, alternative energy, risk management, and financial market services. 


This outstanding holding company is currently led by successful investor, businessman and CEO Dr, Abdulla Al Humaidi, who is a Kuwaiti and an experienced financial executive with previous positions at Bank of America, Citibank, and Earhart Financial Corporation. Kuwaiti European Holding Group Investments Limited is located in Geneva and specializes in real estate and allied industries. Their main business areas are apartment building, project development, apartment management and ownership, condominium finance, land development, real estate management, and construction. 


They have a strong presence in Europe and throughout the world through leading real estate agent networks and associations. They are a strong participant in the global real estate market and have been ranked amongst the top investors. They have developed their own proprietary investment strategy and have tailored their investment objectives for each property type, such as commercial, residential, industrial, or equestrian real estate (Thesportsbank). 

They have had substantial success in residential, commercial, and industrial properties and have continued to grow their equity and profitability. This international real estate investment firm is focused on the financial services industry and other industries that promote individual wealth creation. They have a strong history and have developed a strong reputation as one of the top investors. At Kuwaiti European Holding, they have developed financial strategies for both growth and expansion and have applied these strategies throughout their real estate holdings. They are committed to sustainable growth and expansion and want to ensure they remain a key player in the Middle East’s real estate sector for the future.