Laura McQuade at the Helm of Planned Parenthood NY

Laura McQuade is a renowned innovative woman whose commendable career has earned her recognition across numerous sectors in the business world. She is especially known for her visionary influence in the healthcare and human rights sectors. Laura used her innovative nature to steer Planned Parenthood through its expansion phase. She led in fostering a comprehensive system for healthcare. This came at a time when the federal government was putting up restrictions on funding alongside the bans on adoption across various states.

Laura was on the frontlines for Planned Parenthood expansion, which aimed to build its relevance in the state area by merging with relevant affiliate companies. This merger put forward Planned Parenthood New York, and Laura was expectedly at the top. Planned Parenthood New York would blossom with one of the most powerful women in the world overseeing its success. Projections showed a first year budget of $100 million would meet its operations. This merger had the aim to create 900 jobs and over 25 health centers. This capacity would allow the organization to receive a yearly estimate of 200,000 visits from patients.

The aim was to put together a framework that would have the power to make authoritative negotiations in the market. This would allow the organization to access even more elaborate health systems and relevant commercial aspects. The organization would also be able to spur the growth and innovation of reproductive and sexual healthcare in a more considerable geological and geographical scope. Elevating women to the next level of possibilities is al Laura live for

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