Luke Lazarus Redefines the Mark Of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

There are many entrepreneurs in the world, but few stop to help them especially when they go through financial problems that shake their startups.

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur himself and he has found that supporting other entrepreneurs is integral for long-term success.

He started his first business when he was only 13 years and climbed quickly to success after he graduated from Melbourne Business School.

With the personal experience and lessons learned when running his startups, Luke Lazarus thought that the best thing to do was to start supporting the community of entrepreneurs with no one to turn by offering startups consultancy.

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Every entrepreneur has 30 seconds to turn a visitor into a customer and this is determined by the massage you craft.

You have to craft a short pitch that immediately creates a sense of urgency for the customer _ create a thought that if they don’t buy now, they may not find the product/service by creating scarcity and exclusivity.

Luke Lazarus says that the success of this trick is so dramatic that your business can start ranking internationally within the first few months of launching.

The only challenge is, most people, including veteran entrepreneurs, wouldn’t know what to say that would convince a customer in two sentences.

Lazarus can craft intriguing messages that instantly capture investors and customers alike.

Businesses are likely to fail when you don’t establish an emotional connection with your audience.

Most new and seasoned entrepreneurs may focus too much on making huge sales that they forget to pay attention to their customers’ interests or involve investors.

If you approach your business this way, the chances of failing are so high.

Luke Lazarus advises business owners to actively involve stakeholders and customers; when people see how valuable your company is to the company, they may become passive ambassadors to your brand.