Mark Hauser’s determination in enhancing eye care services

Mark Hauser is the chief executive officer of Cincinnati based organization called Hauser private equity. The organization is the leading provider of ophthalmology practices. Due to its numerous investments in ophthalmology, the management team of EyeCare has decided to acquire the Cincinnati based organization. This is as a result of their market strength and power depicted by the organization.

Together with Revelstoke Capital Partners, they co-invested to form Cincinnati Eye Institute, a service firm to manage and support Cincinnati Eye institute growth. Furthermore, this partnership paved the way for other leading ophthalmology partners to join them. With their moderate growth and acquisition of other firms, Cincinnati Eye institute grew to over 150 active doctors.

According to Paul Swanson, a co-manager at Cincinnati Eye Institute, it is evident that there has been a high turnout of employee-partners and other investors willing to join Hauser private equity core fund 111. Furthermore, he discloses that the partnership with Revelstoke Capital Partners is doing well, and they were well pleased with its progress.

The Cincinnati Eye institute vision partners have shown tremendous potential growth within three years. This has been resulted in partnering with other leading ophthalmology partners across the mid-Atlantic region and Midwest. As Mark Hauser outlines, Cincinnati Eye institute vision partners are looking forward to partnering with EyeCare partners to strengthen their mission and expand their high-quality service provision to their patients.

With the integrated network of EyeCare partners providing lifetime care to patients, they have dedicated themselves to enhancing patients’ vision, advancing eye care and improving their lives. On the other hand, Cincinnati Eye institute vision partners are attracting the best physicians and staff to ensure that they are not left behind in providing quality eye care in the industry.

According to Mark Hauser, Hauser private equity aims at identifying targets and growing companies that will bring back returns to the organization. This, in return, will boost their operations.