Michael Capiraso from New York City Explains how People can Run during the Pandemic

Michael Capiraso enjoys going for physical exercise regularly. When he was organizing runs for the New York communities, Michael always did an excellent job because he knows a lot about the activity. With the ongoing corona pandemic, Michael Capiraso is urging runners like him to look for any possible way of starting and maintaining their running culture. Exercising away from the house is considered one of the safest ways of remaining active and healthy. Michael wants runners to keep the following secrets in mind when going for their normal runs during the corona pandemic;

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Social distancing

The corona virus healthcare crisis has not ended. People are getting new infections and spending so much money treating the disease. Others have lost their lives after getting the infection. When running, its very important to practice social distancing. When you are outdoors, Michael Capiraso encourages runners to six feet away from other individuals. For the people who are going for runs, this distance should be increased. When people are exercising, they exert more pressure on their bodies and breath heavier. This kind of breathing can transmit the disease to more people who are six feet away. This should, however, not worry you. When going faster, the runner moves heavily on the air, diluting the virus. Healthier people have a better immune system too.

Wear a mask if you meet people

When going out to work out, many people are not ready to wear masks. The heavy breathing from working out can make people with facial masks feel very uncomfortable in their activities. Its very crucial, however, to put on your mask when the path you are using for your walk has more people. Go for the run when there are fewer people in the roads for a better and safer experience. Your own safety shouldn’t be compromised because you want to work out. Read more: https://twitter.com/mcapiraso