New Leadership at Maven: Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnWhen it comes to entrepreneurship, Ross Levinsohn has been around the block quite a few times. It’s how he started his career. As soon as he had his broadcast communications degree in hand, he co-founded a production firm with another graduate from American University. Their successful business paved the way for Levinsohn to work for himself several more times throughout his long career in broadcast communications, media and technology.

In 1989, Levinsohn and his co-founder sold their firm. Levinsohn spent years working in promotions at HBO and production at CBS. He joined Alta Vista in 1999. At the time, it was one of the world’s largest internet service providers. He worked on its portal launch. Moving on in 2001, he accepted an offer from Fox Interactive Sports Media. This led to his first executive role, which was Fox Interactive Media’s CEO.

Levinsohn left in 2006 when he and another businessman and entrepreneur, James Heckman, decided to launch a digital advertising agency. They found resounding success in the business, and Yahoo bought them out in 2010. Through the 2010s, Levinsohn worked at Yahoo, Boston Consulting Group, Tribune Interactive, Los Angeles Times, Scout Productions, Whisper Advisors and Guggenheim Partners as a CEO. He also offered private consulting and advisory services to other entrepreneurs.

Heckman reached out to Levinsohn in 2019. After they sold their digital advertising agency, Heckman founded another business, which he named Maven. In one decade, it purchased the rights to publish many printed and online publications and developed many more brands of its own. Heckman’s firm had recently bought Sports Illustrated, and he wanted Levinsohn to update and rebrand it for the future. Levinsohn agreed.

In 2020, Heckman wanted to move toward retirement. Though he said he would still serve on the board of directors, he wanted to be out of the CEO position. He chose Ross Levinsohn to fill the role. In August, Levinsohn became just the second chief executive officer of Maven. Since then, Ross Levinsohn has formed key partnerships between Maven and other business partners, which has added to Maven’s reach and breadth in the media industry.