New York Leading Planned Parenthood

Laura McQuade, 51, is leading Planned Parenthood of New York City, which provides abortions, health care, contraception, and sexual education to some 55,000 women, or about one-third of all women of reproductive age in the city. She’s made her name as a big-city abortion provider but she knows women’s health isn’t just about abortion.

She also want to make sure that their patients get services that are much more needed. Women who need dental care. Women who need a mammogram. Women who need to do some bloodwork. The issue of this election, not enough attention was paid to the need for more healthcare access, and when people are having to get emergency abortions that they don’t necessarily plan, that can be traumatic, emotionally and financially for people.

Excluding abortion services, Planned Parenthood would be the biggest provider of health services for women in New York state.

As you can imagine, since Donald Trump became president, they’ve seen a dramatic drop in people getting services. That could be a good thing because it’s a recognition, that in addition to reproductive healthcare, we also have to have access to prevention, to cervical cancer screenings, to breast cancer screenings, and treatment for domestic violence, domestic abuse.

Trump has said he’d appoint conservative justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade. One of the things that’s so concerning for many pro-abortion rights advocates, is a conservative court upholding a woman’s right to an abortion.

So, they do have to be concerned, but think it’s actually a very good thing for Planned Parenthood, because it’s what it’s been doing for decades, raising the profiles of women, raising the profile of all women in healthcare.

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