Redefinition of Shopatainment through droppTV

Since the first sitcom was first aired on television alongside advertisements, modern society saw it as a norm. The advertisements in videos cause distractions which can demotivate people from investing in videos. To do away with such a habit, Gurp Rai had a different view.

Gurp Rai is the chief executive officer and founder of droppTV. An e-commerce site that aims at revolutionizing society’s view of shopatainment. The company aims at providing a solution of having to include both entertainment and advertisement as an entity rather than watch the two separately.

The vision of implementing droppTV came to Rai after searching fruitlessly for a jacket he had seen in a celebrity video in stores. Then he wondered how he could get the jacket if he didn’t know where it was sold. From such frustration, he developed the droppTV, where one could get the details and address of the various items and wares in the video being watched.

The problem arose on how to entail the information without disrupting the video a customer is watching. From such distractions, Rai and his team decided to utilize the same concept being applied in Instagram and modify it to suit the videos. The idea of tagging along details of the picture in the video was thus born from Instagram.

droppTV has gained enough coverage and has recently had some famous artists like Ashanti releasing their music videos through the platform. Various organizations such as LG, COOGI, Roland, Vero Moda, and Agenda Show have also joined in the partnership with droppTV.

The Agenda Show Partnership with droppTV will significantly impact Shopatainment as it will include a wide range of industries and sectors other than music. Through the Agenda Show, brands that can’t present themselves live will get to do so through the virtual shows. Additional opportunities will be availed to the brands through promotion made in video forms in the droppTV platforms by renowned artists and talented upcoming artists. Involving themselves with droppTV, brands are given the opportunities to learn the newest trends and get feedback that will enable them to compete favorably in the market.

With the recent pandemic, many people have been forced to shop online, and businesses are required to invest in online marketing. droppTV has proven to make the process easier as it combines entertainment, content, and commerce. The concept is the latest that business will be taking, and only the wise who invest in it now will benefit in the years to come.