Reviving American Quality of Life through NumbersUSA

NumbersUSA is United States immigrant–reduction organization located in Washington DC. The organization has two concerns to address in the United States: First of all, employers have developed the tendency of engaging foreign labor, rather than identifying and training the internal workforce. Secondly, the federal immigration policies need reforms as the increase of immigrant patterns has led to a strain of natural resources in the quest for creating space for the increasing population that has generally lowered the quality of life for Americans.

Founded in 1997, it was an offshoot of the original “Immigration Watch Program” created by the Center for Immigration Studies in Los Angeles, California. The founding members of NumbersUSA were Paul Helm, Daniel Webster, Ann Cori, and Michael Walzer.

According to the group, it is time for the policymakers, opinion leaders, and the American society to remain enlightened on the impact of the increasing immigrant populations. The best option is to reduce the immigration figures for Americans to enjoy worker fairness, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and good quality of the environment.

Unless the immigrants are categorically special needs refugees, with no chances of getting back to their native countries, or have unique skills and talents that work to the best interest of the U.S, then there should be no provision for “continued permanent immigration”.

NumbersUSA advocates for eliminating immigrants who use visa lottery or the extended family kind of chain migration. If employers need a workforce, employers should engage the U.S natives rather than sourcing foreign labor from individuals with ordinary skills. According to them, US citizens should not lose jobs to foreigners. Under extreme labor shortage conditions, immigrants should work with a temporary work visa.

According to the group, an open visit policy should permit people to study, tour, and check on their relatives for a longer time. The policy has to be in line with regulatory guidelines like denying jobs and other privileges to non-citizens. The high-tech automatic devices will track those who use their visas for malicious reasons, and such offenses will subject them to lose the rights of birthright citizenship. Refer to this article for more information.


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