Richard Liu: From A Tiny Shop To The Third Largest Retailer

Richard Liu Qiangdong, Founder, CEO and Chairman of, was born into poverty. Even though he was born during the 1970s, his village lacked modern conveniences. There was no running water or electricity. Healthy foods were hard to get too. During the summer months, he had his family survived on corn and corn products.

During his final year of school, Liu applied to universities. His excellent exam scores laned him an acceptance to Renmin University. He studied sociology with the dream of going into politics. Richard Liu quickly discovered that his studies left him plenty of free time.

Liu Qiangdong found a part-time job at a company that needed someone to hand copy letters. Liu also had time to learn computer programming, and his pastime soon became one of his first entrepreneurial experiences. He soon had enough money saved to buy himself a phone, computer, and a new home for his family.

After a couple of years of working, he had enough money to purchase some inventory to start his own business. His one-person booth of electronic parts quickly grew into more locations. However, the SARS pandemic brought everything to a halt. The internet was still new to most people at the time. However, Liu knew he wanted to try selling his electronics online. To save money, his office became his home. Refer to this page for additional information.

However, in 2004, he launched He wrote the code for his website himself. Liu has continued to expand his company.

In 2007, Qiangdong moved his logistic network in-house, which proved to be a profitable strategic move. Now, most deliveries arrive within a day or two. Liu never forgets how he started. He even spends one a day out of the year making deliveries to customers.


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