Roland Dickey Jr Shows What It Takes To Make A Great Restaurant Go Multinational

It takes a lot to keep a business moving forward in today’s challenging market. But it takes something on a whole other level to nurture a company into something bigger. However, that’s exactly what Roland Dickey Jr has been able to accomplish with Dickey’s Capital Group and Dickey’s BBQ Pit.

He is the CEO of Dicky’s Capital Group. This company is, in turn, the holding company for the Dickey’s BBQ pit franchise. The shared name between companies and Roland Dickey Jr isn’t a coincidence either. Dickey’s BBQ pit has been in his family since the very beginning.

The story of Dickey’s BBQ pit dates all the way back to 1941. That date marks the point when Roland’s grandfather and grandmother opened the first restaurant in what would eventually become a chain. But at that point nobody ever imagined the BBQ Pit would go on to such acclaim. In those early days Roland’s grandparents simply saw it as a small family business centered around the local community. It was a way of bringing people together in a cozy atmosphere to enjoy both great food and great conversation. His grandmother assembled sandwiches and manned the register. Meanwhile Roland’s grandfather manned the actual BBQ. The couple would run the restaurant together for 26 years. Eventually, the business passed to Roland’s father, and then to him.

Roland and his father were able to dramatically change some aspects of the BBQ Pit. One of the most important changes came from its growth into a franchise. Dickey’s BBQ Pit had grown to over 20 locations while Roland’s father managed it. Roland Jr would make an even bigger change as he brought it into the world of international franchises. However, it’s also worth noting what remains the same through all of these changes. Roland’s grandparents created the restaurant as a family business centered around good food and good company.

Today Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth is continuing the philosophy. And that may well be one of the biggest reasons why he’s had such success growing the business into an international franchise. He’s bringing something cherished by his family into the lives of others.

Of course, the other aspect of the franchise’s success is Roland Dickey Jr himself. Roland has earned numerous awards and official recognition from the industry’s movers and shakers. This includes being included in “The Power 20” list from Restaurant Business Magazine. He was also listed among the “Top 500 CEOs” for two years in D Magazine. Nation’s Restaurant Magazine even refers to him as among the 50 most powerful people in the food service industry. It’s clear that Dickey’s is a powerful brand that’s been carefully nurtured by a talented businessman. See related link to learn more.


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