Ross Levinsohn Moves Sports Illustrated and Maven Toward the Future

Ross LevinsohnThe technology and media industries have been diverging for decades, and industry executive Ross Levinsohn has been in the center of the action. Today, he serves as Chief Executive Officer for two major industry corporations. Under his leadership, both Maven and Sports Illustrated are now poised for continued success going into the future.

Ross Levinsohn initially ventured into the field after graduating from American University in 1986. His lengthy career started with long stints at Home Box Office and CBS Interactive. After developing his professional expertise at these noteworthy companies, Levinsohn progressed to executive leadership roles at Fox, Guggenheim Digital Media, Yahoo! and several others. His winding, successful career path has also put him in touch with Dick Clark Productions, the Chicago Tribune, the Film Expo Group, the Clio Awards, Whisper Advisors and many more.

Because Maven offers vital digital media services to more than 300 brands, his broad reach in the industry has multiplied. Notably, some of these brands are Maxim,, The Street with Jim Cramer and more. Maven’s services include digital media monetization, infrastructure and support services.

In addition to being Maven’s CEO, Ross Levinsohn is also the CEO at one of the company’s child entities, Sports Illustrated. At Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn has been the driving force behind a major shift in the company’s business model. This shift involved creating both premium and early access content and offering those features behind a pay wall. This move has modernized Sports Illustrated’s revenue generation capabilities and has improved the experience of its readers.