Stephen Bittel, A Successful Commercial Real Estate Investor

Stephen Bittel prides himself on having worked in the commercial real estate industry for over 50 years. Even though he has a law and economic background, he established Terranova Corporation, a commercial real estate firm, during his time at the University of Miami pursuing law. As the chairman, he steered Terranova Corporation to great success, a total of over $5 billion in commercial projects. Currently, Terranova Corporation is one of the top leading companies in South Florida. Stephen Bittel Success in the commercial real estate industry has positioned him to serve as a board director in different organizations – the Chapman Partnership, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.

Stephen Bittel started Terranova Corporation as a burgeoning company in his home office, and it has since grown to become a market leader because of its agile strategy. Terranova Corporation has grown to own properties in popular areas like Lincoln Road in Miami Beach and Miracle Mile in Coral Gables through the agile strategy. Terranova Corporation was not spared in the adverse economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Stephen Bittel has since resorted to reinvigorating retail areas while focusing on new opportunities. The company has invested much of its resources in rebuilding gas stations, convenience stores, and cash wash assets.

Stephen Bittel was brought up in an environment surrounded by lawyers but chose the part of real estate after starting his career in a real estate firm. He was then inspired to start Terranova Corporation in 1980 after the real estate firm decided to restructure his compensation. Stephen Bittel is a successful commercial real estate investor, and he believes that the top skills of a successful entrepreneur are integrity, unrelenting drive, and empathy for others. Even though Terranova Corporation has gained recognition in the commercial real estate industry, Stephen Bittel remains relentless as he plans to expand the portfolio of assets. He plans to utilize the distressing global situation to acquire distressed debt and equity.

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