The Benefits of Eterneva Diamonds to Grief

Research has shown that diamonds have a significant impact on the grieving process. A majority of people struggle with grief, but Eterneva, in partnership with Baylor University, is about to change how people view grief. The company, led by its CEO Adelle Archer and Dr. Cann as lead researchers of the Baylor University team, has shown the benefits of diamonds to the grief process. Dr. Cann is a renowned researcher whose main area of focus is on grief. Therefore his contribution to Adelle’s company is of a significant impact. READ

Through research, Dr. Cann gets to justify the benefits of people maintaining bonds with the deceased loved ones. The school of thought has always been that keeping memories is not beneficial to the grieving process. Dr. Cann, through various studies, gets to show that maintaining bonds is one of the ways to avoid the effects of grief. By staying in touch with the deceased, most people get to go through grief healthily, unlike those who detach themselves from such bonds. One of the ways through which such bonds can be kept is through memorial diamonds, which are at the core of Eterneva operations.

There are various benefits of Eterneva diamonds to the grieving process. Dr. Cann does not just justify this through theory but has done extensive research to prove these benefits. Diamonds bring a new focus to those grieving; instead of focusing on the dead side of the deceased, diamonds help in focusing on the life they would have lived and even finding joy in that life. Through diamonds, people get an opportunity to include their deceased loved ones in their daily lives. For this reason, they get to continue with life, knowing that those who have died still exist within us. There is no better way to remember a loved one than having a memorial diamond either as a necklace or ring.

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