The Life of Gary McGaghey

Gary might be one of the most successful CFOs there is but he does not take any of it for granted. So just how did he manage to have so much success in a career that spans more than 35 years? Well, it all began when he was first born in Dublin & tried to do his best in his classes. He knew it would not be easy to get into college but was determined to do it anyway. His hard work paid off when he got into the USA in the fall of 86. It was here that he was able to major in finance. He did so well in this role that he was able to get his BS after just 3 years. As he said goodbye to the college world in the spring of 89, he had to pass the CIMA exam if he wanted to be an official CPA. So he went on ace it in the spring of 92 & this is when he was able to land a role at RF. As a member of the board, he helped manage the accounts & ensure that their budget was the best it could be. He was in the role for 9 years before opting to move on to Unilever. He was there for more than 15 years but still did not feel as if he were fulfilled. So he went on to be the CFO of Tag in the summer of 19. He knew it would not be an easy role but was ready to take it on. As the years went by, he was able to help save them a lot of money & they are grateful for all the work he has done for them. He currently resides with his wife & kids.