The Young Prince Philip Was Mischievous, Naughty But Composed, Says Gordonstoun School

In 1947, Gordonstoun School headteacher received a rare letter from Buckingham Palace in Scotland.

The purpose of the letter was to request a report showing all the details of one of the school’s pupils.

It happened that the letter was intended to unearth the characteristics of a boy named Prince Philip, who had attended the school a few years earlier.

The school’s headteacher acted swiftly yet prudently by preparing a full report, which later helped the queen make the right decision on who would be her future husband.

Thanks to what was in the report, she later married the young man on what later became one of the most expensive royal weddings the world has ever had.

The report, which picked Prince Philip’s 6 years in school, stretching from 1934 to 1939 showed that the young boy was natural.

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Yes, the report pointed to natural traits that are common in school-going children of Philip’s age such as being mischievous, naughty, ambitious, yet never nasty.

At some point, the report also captured the young boy as inquisitive while at the same time he could keep things to himself.

It appears that the queen was impressed by the general behavior of this young man thus agreed to marry him.

While Gordonstoun School did its part in helping the queen choose her husband, the report was kept secret for many years.

However, in the end, Gordonstoun School had a good plan of releasing the full details on the young man’s behavior just as it did in 1947.

This time, Gordonstoun School planned to tell the whole world during the prince’s 100th birthday, which could take place in June 2021.

Unfortunately, that did not happen because Prince Philip died before celebrating 100 years, a time Gordonstoun School was planning to publish the report.

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