Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen on Solar Energy Efficiency

Electricity bills get expensive each day and the more you continue consuming, ends up depriving someone’s pockets. The charges from month to month keep on getting different with time, and the electricity provider likes it when they keep their customers in the dark. PosiGen gets in to subsidize on the cost and explain to their clients its system working, essential terms, and in the long run, it saves them much money. CEO Thomas Neyhart explains how solar PosiGen provides silicon photocells electrical devices that get converted to electrical energy by the photovoltaic process. All this occurs once exposed to sunlight, whereby the cells get the power from the sun and convert it into solar energy, then to direct current energy. 


The present energy gets turned to the solar inverter as alternating current and used as power in homes. PosiGen solar power company introduced the outstanding solar program intending to ensure they reduce carbon emissions that provide environmental protection. According to Thomas Neyhart, they realized the program saves a lot and conserves the environment through renewable energy sources; thus, they incentivize families to integrate it Into their homes. States and federal governments have given subsidiaries to encourage the adoption of renewable sources of energy.


The introduction of solar in most homes brought about the use of net metering. Here, most homes consume electricity and produce electricity that needs to be put in place in the long run at all costs. To get the correct bill, they need to calculate the total amount of electricity consumed, which they need to minus from the electricity produced by the solar, Thomas Neyhart keeps on. All this gets measured using kilowatts, thus enabling the homeowner to get the bill independently. The electricity produced by solar panels varies every month since the sunlight may not get that much every day. In this, they will be finding that the solar energy produced does not meet the home demand fully; thus, they get it partially, and therefore, they need to get the balance from the grid.

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