Tim Murawski Unleashing the Power of Robotic Medical Technology

With a major in operations management and supervision, Tim Murawski has established himself as a specialist focusing on medical robotics innovations. For over two decades, the futuristic thinker has been instrumental in the seeding, management, and propelling the growth of multiple companies affiliated with health care and medical technology. The visionary leader Tim Murawski is a force to reckon with for his impactful contribution towards revolutionizing the U.S health care market through robotic medical technology advancements. 


The alumnus of the Western Illinois University Tim Murawski currently serves as the President and the Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics. The Chicago-based company focuses on advancing medical care by innovating top-tier and first-rated technology with the unprecedented power to enhance accuracy and reliability in surgery, further solving complications never done before. Tim Murawski has earned global prominence as a business leader with an unmatched record for acquainting the market with cutting-edge tech in robotic surgery and acquiring untapped market opportunities worldwide. Under the leadership of Mr. Murawski, the Augmedics has been able to weather through the murky waters of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Employing the problem-solving skills of the avid CCO Tim, the company initiated an internal fundraising project geared towards acquiring funds to enhance its operations amid the pandemic. The enthusiasm of the company employees under the CCO to commit funds shows their belief and allegiance to the Augmedics company’s mission and goals. Tim Murawski has helped propel the design and development of the Xvision, the only augmented reality guidance system of its kind. The system has impacted the efficiency of vital surgery procedures such as spine surgery, enabling surgeons to have more visibility, precision, and accuracy. Tim’s grit has propelled Augmedics resilience and growth. 

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