Wes Edens Explores Other Niches After Taking Fortress Investment Group A Notch Higher

When Wes Edens received his Bachelors Degree in Finance, which he received from the Oregon State University, he had no idea of the kind of person he’d become after graduating. Hardly did he know that the world would consume his education and slowly, his expertise in financial matters would enable him lead several startups have a sterling record. However, it was not after long that the young entrepreneur would enter the job market and indeed, he has proved to the world that with the right skills and the motivation, nothing is impossible.

Wes Edens’ first step into the world of business was when he was invited to work with BlackRock Financial Management Inc. Even when it was early in his job, Wes Edens was named the firm’s managing director as well as partner. After a few years, Wes Edens was able to propel the company especially when he served at the private equity firm’s assets investment docket. A few years after that, Wes moved to Lehman Brothers, where he also worked in the same capacity as the managing director and partner. The man worked for many other companies including Brown School, before he co-founded Fortress Investment Group at the start of 1998.

Perhaps, it’s Wes’ role at Fortress Investment Group that brought his real ability to the limelight. When he joined the firm, the number of assets was countable. Nearly ten years later, Fortress Investment Group increased its assets nearly by a staggering 116%. The firm managed to acquire assets in media, healthcare, finance, infrastructure and entertainment among other profitable fields. Today, with over 30 years of experience in the financial and management roles in various companies, Wes Edens is also the co-owner of Aston Villa, a football club that takes part in the English Premier League. He is also the owner and founder of FlyQuest and Milwaukee Bucks.

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